What is NAICard?

NAICard is a versatile card with many useful applications replacing traditional business cards, saving resources increasing identity.
The way it works is simple and easy:
1, Keep the NAICard card close to the partner's phone
2, The partner phone will display your NAICard profile
3, The partner clicks save your contacts, all your profile information ( avatar, phone number, email address, self-introduction, etc.) will be in the partner's contacts

What are the benefits and how does NAICard operate?

NAICARD is a smart electronic business card used to Exchange, Share and Connect all objects with just 1 Touch or Scan QR.

With NFC technology, the 21st century NAICARD has completely replaced the traditional paper business card, all your information is transmitted quickly and saved easily.

The product the NAICard NFC smart business card.
NaiCard #04
16 $
NaiCard #03
16 $
NaiCard #02
16 $
NaiCard #01
16 $

About Company

Natiol Infinity was founded with the mission of universalizing Blockchain to everyone.
“To turn exciting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years takes a lot of discipline.” In the next 5 years, Blockchain will be widely spread around the world and Natiol's applications will become key and valuable products in the technology world.

NAI Ecosystems


Gamefi is the first ecosystem developed and operated by Natiol. The biggest difference of Gamefi from traditional games is that by applying blockchain technology to the game, players can earn money (coins, tokens) through ingame quest rewards or get rated well.


Staking is not a new concept, but it is the most adopted platform on all the largest Crypto exchanges in the world today. This platform makes it easier to control, unlock and Monetize, consumes less energy and is more convenient for users.


The e-commerce exchange is being designed by Natiol Infinity and is set to launch in the third quarter of 2022. This is the Shop to Earn model that Natiol initiated, claiming to create a new trend of financial markets as well as a new Crypto model.


Natiol’s decetralized wallet will be operational in Q1 of 2023, this is a brand product that integrates many convenient features for Crypto owners such as Dapp, Swap, lookup and crypto integration. The wallet is suirable for users and project oeganizations.


Natiol builds a Crypto exchange platform that allows most of the eligible Crypto projects to be listed on its platform and focuses on security, balance, fast processing speed, ease of use for uses, feces. Inparticular, NAI Token is the value that represents the platform, NAI holders are officially shareholders of the exchange and receive quarterly profits if they are eligible to hold long enough.